This is a  camping of 6 ha, thus providing ample room for each camp site. It lies on top of a hill, is sheltered by a forest on one side, and gives a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape on the other side.

This is a camping for active, sportive people and for those seeking the silence.
The surrounding landscape is hilly and dotted with forests, farmlands and picturesque villages. In the mornings, you are woken by the birds and at night, they sing you to sleep. As dusk falls, you will see hedgehogs and squirrels hurry along. If you were to wake at night, you might hear the call of an owl, the bark of a doe, or the song of a nightingale.

Vogenée, the small village closest to the camping, is one of a number of villages that together make the town of Walcourt. Walcourt is an old walled city. If you check your own map, you will find that Walcourt is situated west of the town of Dinant and north of Philippeville.
It lies in the Vallée des Eaux Vives (Valley of The Living Waters) in the southern point of the province of Namur.

The camping lies close to the largest lakes of Belgium with a variety of water sports, the Barrage de l'Eau d'Heure, and the French border. It is situated in a beautiful and natural area.