Of particular interest is the boat lift, on the Slope of Ronquieres.

This is a gigantic water tub that transports ships 1500 meter by rail up a slope, thus bridging an incline of 70 meter. The lift lies in the Kanaal (canal), situated along the N534. To get there, you leave the A7 at exit 20, heading north. The site is marked by a large watch tower. There are a number of old boat lifts on the Canal du Center.

These are listed on the Unesco World Heritage Monuments list. Four enormous steel constructions, ca. 7 kilometres apart, bridge a height difference of 68 meters. The Canal du Centre connects the river basins of the Maas and the Schelde. These boat lifts were built between 1888 and 1917. They were built following English boat lift design. Then there is the new boat lift of Strepy-Thieu. This lift covers a height difference of 73m in one go.