You can cycle here, walk, canoe, visit natural or pre-historic caves, or spend a rainy day in a sub-tropical swimming pool near by. These are but a choice of the many activities and attractions here.
You will find plenty of information at our reception. To give you an idea, we have selected a number of outings for your perusal below. You need only to click to access the various sites. We also have a number of walking- and cycling routes, and maps.

The water reservoirs (30 ha)

You can rent sailing boats or motor boats at the reservoirs of the l'Eau d'Heure and the Plate Taille. Other water sports include canoeing and diving. You can also dive at the stone quarries.
At 10 minutes drive from the camping, there is an Aqua-centre with swimming, both in- and out door (indoors there is a sub-tropical swimming pool, saunas, and a Turkish bath).
There are also a number of fishing lakes.


Walcourtis an old walled town with a large and originally Roman basilica. In the summer, there are many events such as folkloric celebrations, exhibitions, local markets, theatrical displays, and so on. .

Walking and Cycling

This is ideal walking country, with many marked long-distances routes or you can visit the La Grande Randonnée , which is prime walking country. There are also excellent marked routes for both cyclists and moutainbikers Bycicles are let locally. Click here for marked cycles routes or here. See also the site of Entre Sambre et Meuse , which also features walks: http://www.entre-sambre-et-meuse.be/ 


Discover the new and fun railway bike and cycle at your own speed through the gorgeous valley of the Molignee

Boat Slope of Ronquieres

Of particular interest is the boat lift, on the Slope of Ronquieres. This is a gigantic water tub that transports ships 1500 meter by rail up a slope, thus bridging an incline of 70 meter. The lift lies in the Kanaal (canal), situated along the N534. To get there, you leave the A7 at exit 20, heading north. The site is marked by a large watch tower. There are a number of old boat lifts on the Canal du Center . These are listed on the Unesco World Heritage Monuments list. Four enormous steel constructions, ca. 7 kilometres apart, bridge a height difference of 68 meters. The Canal du Centre connects the river basins of the Maas and the Schelde. These boat lifts were built between 1888 and 1917. They were built following English boat lift design. Then there is the new boat lift of Strepy-Thieu. This lift covers a height difference of 73m in one go.

The caves of Han

This cave richly deserves its 3 Michelin-guide stars. You can see it during a ride in an hundred years old tram (light rail). The tours are given in different languages. There are sound and light displays along the way and a trip along the underground river. In addition you can visit the wildlife park, the Expothema and the museum.

The caves of  Dinant

Cave "La Merveilleuse"
Take your time to visit the cave "la Merveilleuse" (the Marvellous Cave ), it is one of the most beautiful in Europe . Once you step inside, you'll be amazed by this mysterious universe of stalacites en stalagmites.

The caves of Couvin

Close-by are the caves of Neptune, smaller but definitely worth seeing.

The Abbey of Maredsous

This community of Benedict monks still makes traditional beer and cheeses. You can taste them in the reception area, and you can visit their shop, which sells religious articles. They also sell sacred books, and classical, profane and religious music records.

The gardens of Annevoie

These gardens are famous for their aesthetic, historic and cultural value. They combine the magic of water with the purity of these stylish gardens. Laid down in 1758, they combine the strict French symmetry with the English sense of the picturesque and the charming Italian style of water works and fountains.

Castles and gardens of Freÿr

A whiff of Versailles along the river the Maas : renaissance and landed residence, cosmopolitan interiors. Classical gardens, three hundred year old orange trees, a 6 km maze and a charming watchtower.


Discover the charms of the Upper Maas river in the town of Dinant. Attractions, castles, abbeys, walks, tours, sporting, relaxation, recreation, things you must see. Lodgings available throughout the year.

Boating on the river Lesse

This is a 21 km area of unspoilt nature. The Lesse runs through a landscape full of surprises, such as castles from the Middle Ages, a nature park, pre-historic caves, high cliffs, water falls, and so on. Sensation and fun are guaranteed! There are several places from which to start.

Ostrich farm

In the green and tranquil surrounds of the town of Dinant you will find an ostrich farm. Meet the largest birth on earth: the ostrich and the equally remarkable nandoes, emoes and casuarissen (all belong to the same family).

The castle of the duke of Montaigle

Why did people build reinforce castles in the Middle Ages? Did they use cranes? Did cement exist?  were the masons paid for their work? A visit to the ruins (13th - 16th century)


See the planes that laid the groundwork at 1.500 m


Discover the town of Namen , and learn about the history of this fortified citadel and its lush countryside. Visit its museums, fun park, boat trips, etc.


10 km of subterranean corridors from the 17th century connect the outposts with its centre.


Permanent exhibition of a collection of railway materials, steam-, diesel-, and electric locomotives. Travel journals, numerous displays, etc.

Euro Space Center

Take a plunge into the odyssey of the origins of the universe from the Big Bang to the most futuristic projects and space exploration projects.