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Nouveau documentBasic and fully furnished stationary caravans for a pleasant stay during your holidays or even for a weekend away.
The advantages of a camping, but the comforts of a mobile home. The only things you need to bring are your own bed linnen and pillow cases.

Basic stationary caravans, fully furnished for a comfortable stay. Each caravan is fitted with a safe, electric heating system. The caravans suit families with up to 3 children. All caravans have a lounge area and a dining area. Each caravan is fitted with ample storage facilities.

In the centre of each caravan is a fully fitted kitchen with a complete sets of plates, cutlery and cooking pots. There is a coffee-maker, a broom, window wiper, dustbin and brush, a floor cloth, dish cloth, a toilet bucket, bucket, pedal bin, wash bowl, garden furniture and parasol.Practical kitchen:The kitchen is completely furnished: with an inventory, kitchen utensils, a sink with running cold water, a fridge with freeze compartment, a cooker with 4 rings or a gas cooker.

Large living room:
Plenty of space to move around in and the option to create two extra beds. Parental bedroom: a large double bed, complete with covers, pillows and handy storage space. 2nd bedroom: child size bunk beds, with covers and pillows.