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This area was already favoured by the Romans, who built a ford on the site of the current camping. The remains of this ford are still here. After the Romans came the Merovingers, who also favoured this hill top. They left behind them a number of grave tombs. In time, excavations of the site will begin.
Vogenée, the small village closest to the camping, is one of a number of villages that together make the town of Walcourt. Walcourt is an old walled city. If you check your own map, you will find that Walcourt is situated west of the town of Dinant and north of Philippeville. It lies in the Vallée des Eaux Vives (Valley of The Living Waters) in the southern point of the province of Namur.
The camping lies close to the largest lakes of Belgium with a variety of water sports, the Barrage de l'Eau d'Heure, and the French border. It is situated in a beautiful and natural area.

The camping lies on the top of a hill with wide, panoramic views. The total area is nearly 6ha. This gives ample space for every individual site. There are 78 individual sites, some of which are hired out on an annual basis. The camping is situated around a central camp fire that can be lit at night.
You arrive after 14.00pm and leave before 12.00am.
It is also possible to park your caravan here during the winter.

You can enjoy a leisurely beer, wine, coffee, tea or lemonade on our terrace, or you can have a bite to eat. In summer, we have a weekly bar-b-que.
There is a children's play ground and a sandpit.  For adults there is a jeu-de-boules course (a French ball game.
The chipper
IMF you don't feel like cooking, you can order an assortment of quick foods. The chipper is open nightly throughout the high season.

There are showers (hot and cold water) and toilets in the sanitation Block. Also in the sanitation block is a separate room with sinks for the dishes, a baby changing pad, a baby bath, the laundry room (washing and drying), and a fridge. The fridge saves you having to bring your own coolers. You use a special sep-key to activate the warm water.

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