6 diving locations

There are 6 diving locations in the immediate vicinity of the camping, par example on the reservoirs of the Barrage de l'Eau d'Heure and in 5 quarry's!
All of them in an access of 20 minutes.

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To facilitate divers, we offer weekends for diving clubs, such as:
a prepared dinner on arrival on Friday evening
a bar-b-que on Saturday
breakfast on Saturday- and Sunday morning

Rent a mobilhome

You could even leave your tent or caravan at home and rent a (stationary) caravan here, see elsewhere on this site.


If you have something to celebrate, then there are several outings to choose from, for example,
raft building on the reservoir, or a tour round the lakes on mountain bikes!
Raft building
A raft outing and to finish off, a dive.

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